Ink Pen Collection Omas Jerusalem 3000

Series limited to 500 Omas pens, Jerusalem 3000, 18K gold, released in 1999 to mark the 3000th anniversary of the birth of Jerusalem, Kingdom of David. In purple resin, fully dressed in 18 carat gold reliefs.

We see reproduced all along the fountain pen the wall of the old city, with its characteristic doors:

David’s Gate, which opens the road that leads directly to the port of Jaffa;

Zion Gate, the main gate leading to the market.

The door to the Lions, characterized by incomplete floral decorations and 2 felines that seem to guard the entrance;

The door of Damascus.

Everything is done to honour the story and not just the religious aspect.

The name Jerusalem is written in three languages on the body of the pen: in Hebrew, Arabic and English.

The wide 18-carat gold nib is engraved with the official commemorative logo of the 3000 years of Jerusalem.

Piston filling.

Gross weight: 88 g.


Price segment5 000€

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