How does it work?



How does it work? Guerda de Haan For Business is an agency for putting people into contact with specific sellers and buyers in the high-end luxury sector. A true business network, the objective of the agency is to facilitate the exchange of information and transactions between private buyers and sellers.

From real estate, art objects, cars, yachts as well as rare pearls, are all put within potential client reach. Guerda de Haan For Business regroups these good deals in the luxury segment for its clients thanks to a a keen business sense and an established network.


Do you wish to sell a good or a unique service?

Guerda de Haan For Business commits itself to create, to disseminate your offer on the internet as well as contacting clients. You will easily be put in touch with a buyer as soon as possible, to facilitate your sale.

In a few clicks, fill in all the information concerning your property and contact Guerda (click here to see the contact form). Once your ad is validated, you will be put in touch with the buyers selected for you.


Are you looking for a unique good or service?

 Guerda de Haan For Business puts at your disposal, offers and contacts buyers who most likely corresponds to your criteria. Be it objects of art, real estate, luxury cars or private yachts, there are so many high-end properties ready to find a new owner.

Browse the different offers and then contact Guerda to explain your investment project. She will then put you in touch with the seller of the property you have selected. From there, you will be able to proceed with the transaction.


Guerda De Haan For Business puts you in touch with the individuals responding to your search and secures your transactions. Guerda’s Dutch business sense guarantees you easy exchanges and a personalized and irreproachable service.